Want to get money off a newer device? You can trade in your old device for money off at Ink2Print.

Reasons to trade in:

We pay more: If your trading in your old device we pay more if your buying something else from us. This can be up to 100% more value for you old device.

FREE Data Transfer: We offer FREE data transfer on any trade in which saves you £35 (Based on our price for data transfer repair)

We even trade-in broken!: Even if your device is broken we may be able to offer you something for it. We may be able to repair it and re-sell it or use parts from your device to help fix other peoples devices.

Recycle & Save the Environment: Trading your device in extends the life of your device and reduces landfill even if it's only used for spare parts. Anything we cannot use is passed on to a recycling company who strip the components for base metals.